Cabral Miller: The Eye Whisperer

Serving as your personal concierge, The Eye Whisperer will take your shopping experience to the next level.

With personal interaction and engagement, Cabral learns enough about his clients to help select optics that bring out their best features aesthetically and professionally.

Shortly about me

Cabral embodies a welcoming spirit and a strong degree of patience – making each customer's encounter valuable.

His ability to form such strong connections has helped Cabral craft what he calls "The Eye Whisperer" Experience, an optical intervention.

About Cabral

Perfect experience

My entire experience is based on practice. Look through what I am good at.

The In-Person Experience

The One-on-One Experience.

The Virtual Experience

Phone or video conference consultations.

The Style Guide

The guide for all things eyewear!

Tell The Eye Whisperer about yourself.

Conversation – Unveil personality and style

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